Holiday Island Investment Properties


Holiday Island owns and operates its water system. It provides abundant, clean, state approved water to its residents and amenities. Separate deep wells serve the two (2) golf courses.

Unlike many other planned communities and towns of similar size, no water is purchased now, or expected to be acquired in the future, from outside sources or supplied from nearby lakes.


Central sewer is in all residential and commercial lots. There are no septic tanks in Holiday Island. A new $6 million waste water treatment plant was recently installed, replacing an outdated system, to continue providing safe government approved waste water return for decades.


Holiday Island is protected by the Carroll County Sheriff Department. Security is by dedicated on-site patrol around the clock. Presently, and in the past, there has virtually been no crime at Holiday Island. Its main entrance is designed to function like a gated community.


Holiday Island has three (3) fully equipped fire stations strategically located in the community for residential and commercial fire protection. The fire protection department is managed by a full-time Fire Chief, two firefighters/ EMT and a fully-trained volunteer crew of about 25 firefighters/emergency medical care personnel.

Fire hydrants are accessible to all lots. The fire rating at Holiday Island is 5. It is one of the lowest (best) in the area.


The Holiday Island Fire Department First Responders and the Eureka Springs Ambulance Service provides around the clock emergency medical service.


A 24-hour medical helicopter service (Air Evac Lifeteam) is available to transport patients to the nearest suitable hospital in the shortest time. The medical crew consists of a registered flight nurse and flight paramedic, and the on-board equipment provides the capability of a mini-emergency room.


Holiday Island has approximately 75 miles of roads (96% paved), 110 miles of water lines, and 125 miles of sewer lines.


The governing body of Holiday Island is the Holiday Island Suburban Improvement District. “HISID’ is a form of municipal government and a public corporation, organized in 1970 under the Arkansas Suburban Improvement District Law. 

The District provides Holiday Island with a public road system, water works, waste water system, fire protection/ safety facilities, and amenities.